Nome Borough High Point Trip Report

Mount Osborn

Date: January 2002
Author: Tom Busch


Several people have climbed Osborn, but for me, I figure life is too short as it is. The main approach is along the ridge from the south, and it's only a foot or so wide in spots. Most people are so spooked they climb it on their bellies. As you see from the topo map, it's a sheer drop on both sides. At the top, it's a narrow, scrabble area with 30-foot tours in the center. I've seen photos taken from the top, and it's enough to give me the heebie-jeebies!

You get to the foot of Mt. Osborn by hiking in Grand Central valley from the road. There is no easy way. Up high, you're fighting rocks. Down below, you're crawling through willows. I think it takes about a day to make it to the base.

I would guess that July or August would be the best times for climbing. I think you could safely plan on either month, although as you may know, we can suffer really bad weather at any time of year. I went into the Kigs as early as Memorial Day one year, and narrowly escaped many misadventures due to steep snow fields and high water. It does depend on how much snow winter gave us, as well as the spring weather.