Chemistry is critical when O2 gets scarce. These five friends have been following each other up piles of rock since 2003.
Team TZT
Dave Covill, 49 (Team Leader), Evergreen, CO
49 state highpoints completed, only Denali to go....First began state highpointing on purpose in 1981, had 15 by 1989, 44 by 1999... Member of the Highpointers Club since 1991... President of The Highpointers Foundation, a 501-C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to improvements at, education of, conservation of, and preserving access to all 50 state highpoints ( Formerly a Director of the Highpointers Club Board, and formerly Club Treasurer... Co-Host of 2000 HP Club convention in Hawaii... 414 US county highpoints, 5th person to complete the 64 Colorado county highpoints... Author of guidebook "Hiking Colorado's Summits" by Falcon Press (1999, 2002 2nd Edition); a guide to getting to the 64 CO county highpoints... 44 of the 58 US National Park highpoints... First person to summit every National Park and National Monument in Colorado (2006)... 40 Colorado 14ers climbed... 59 of the 100 Centennial Peaks in CO (54 14ers and 46 highest 13ers)... Climbed Grand Teton during college (first and last time guided so far)... Climbed Mt. Bona (16,500') in 2003, highpoint of Matunaska-Sustina Borough in AK, highpoint of Wrangell Mtns... Climbed McCarty Peak (6,500') in 2005, a nunutak on the Harding Ice Field and highpoint of Kenai Fjords Natl Park, and most likely a true first ascent... Visited 1,358 county equivalents of the 3,141 total in the US. (Parishes, Boroughs, Census Districts, Independent Cities)... Member of Coloradi Mountian Club since 1994... Graduated from numerous classes, including WTS, BMS, HAMS, MOFA, WCS, etc... Assistant Instructor for Winter Camping School (2005-7), and High Altitude Mountaineering School (2007)... Senior Instructor for Wilderness Trekking School (1998-07)... Trip leader for several trips a year for CMC. This will be Dave's 4th trip to Alaska, including a failed attempt on Mt. Fairweather (15,300') in May 2007, aborted due to severe weather before actually landing on the mountain.
Dave Pellegrini, 59, Evergreen, CO
Dave began his climbing career just five years ago after joining the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC). Dave has completed various mountaineering schools offered by the CMC and now helps teach them. Mt. McKinley (Denali) is on one list Dave’s working to complete—state highpoints. This quest began in 2003 with South Dakota’s Harney Peak. Since then he and his wife Susan have climbed or visited 42 (Susan has 43!) including Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier for glacier experience. In addition, he and Susan summited El Pico de Orizaba (18,700 ft.) in Mexico in 2006.  
Chris Covill, 23, Wellesley, MA
Chris is currently in school in Wellesley, Massachussetts,  He recently returned to Colorado to join his Dad in climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier to refresh mountaineering skills and to help acclimatize after spending a year at sea level.  The team members of Dave Covill, Chris and Rob Cobb succeeded on both peaks.  Chris became the 12th youngest to complete the lower 48 state high points and now has a total of 49.  Success on Denali will make Chris the 5th youngest person to complete all 50 state highpoints.  
Rob Cobb, 36 (just barely), Denver, CO
Rob’s first “real” hike, at the tender age of 23, was in December ‘94 to Mount LeConte in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After moving to Denver in November ‘97 he began climbing the foothills and mountains of Colorado in earnest. In ‘99 Rob joined the Colorado Mountain Climb and began taking part in its hiking and climbing schools. After spending 30 months (that is 2.5 years) teaching English and staying warm in Siberia, Rob returned to Colorado intact, in good health, and in need of really awesome climbing gear and clothing. While he has only climbed two state highpoints (FL, MT), he does hope to more than double that number in '07 by ascending Mount Hood (OR), Mount Rainier (WA), and Denali, or Mount McKinley (AK). In August '07 Rob will (again!) be competing in the Pikes Peak Ascent half marathon - 7,815 feet of elevation gain over 13.32 miles.
Beckie Covill, 52, Evergreen, CO
Beckie was introduced to State Highpoints in 1995 by her husband Dave.  A successful summit climb of Denali will make 50 state highpoints. Beckie is a trip leader for Colorado Mountain Club and has taken advantage of various  classes they offer.  She has summited 35 of Colorado 14ers and was the 13th person and the 2nd women to summit the 64 Colorado County Highpoints. At 52 years old Beckie could very well be the oldest woman on the mountain.