Baldwin County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2, 1999
Author: Bill Jacobs

Baldwin County consists of two areas in close proximity and can be found on page 56 in DeLorme. Topo maps are needed to pinpoint both areas.

From Exit 45 of I-65 proceed west on CR47. After 3 miles (all mileage approximate) CR47 takes a turn to the northeast. Continue for another five miles on CR47 taking the second right after Bushy Creek. Go down this road for about one mile to farm home where one area is located out in a back pasture. Nobody was home. Gained access to both COHPs by driving down road for a half mile and backtracking through closed metal gate.

First area is located in woods and exact HP difficult to determine.

For second area, continue through woods to backside of farmer's pasture and cross fence. Once again precise HP not readily apparent and entire back section of field should be traversed to ensure HP attained.