Barbour County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 19, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

two areas on distinct hills (690 ft apiece)

The two areas are clustered close together about five miles north of Clayton, GA. Approach to the high point areas is best left to your own devices as the road system there involves traveling over back country roads with minimal signage. And, besides, I approached from a different direction than coming from Clayton. But anyway, get yourself to the intersection of Kennedy Road and CR49 as shown on DeLorme map, page 54. Topo map also helpful for ascending Graveyard Hill. From this intersection, proceed south for about 100 yards and turn right onto Kennedy Tower Road -- no sign indicating road access. Road to hilltop is drive-able with standard vehicles. Although passing by several residences, there are no restricting signs or gates barring entry. There are no fences around the radio or lookout tower at the top. These structures are visible from the previously described intersection.

For the second area, return to the previously mentioned intersection and travel down Kennedy Road, to the east, for 0.9 miles. Turn left and continue up to and just below the hillcrest, about 100 yards, to rough trail leading off to the left. Topo map shows rough road prior to hillcrest leading up to Graveyard Hill. This road is overgrown but possibly still useable. I elected to use the trail over the hillcrest which seemed to be heading in the same direction. By the way, the temperature this day was over 100 degrees but felt only like 98 degrees. Humidity did prevail. On the way up the trail spied a coyote who was, up to the last minute, reluctant to abandon his territory. Have become more respectful of these critters after recently hiking in California and finding signs warning of coyotes attacking humans. Continuing up the hill came to a trail intersection and took the left trail which eventually led down to a swell. At this juncture was a sign pointing to "Mud" something trail to the right. Continued straight ahead and turned left at sign indicating "Cemetery Loop". A short walk up the hill leads to the high point, Graveyard Hill, where two survey marker signs can be found. Being of a morbid bent, I tried, but failed, to locate graveyard.

Don't expect to find much help from the locals as to the location of Graveyard Hill. When within one mile of the Hill, a Post Office delivery agent (mailman) said he had never heard of the place.

The keepers of the COHP archive trip reports have asked for information concerning local amenities: There were no gourmet restaurants or opulent resorts to be found nearby. However, if you are in to barbecue and hot boiled peanuts, this is the place.