Barbour County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas on Kennedy Hill and Graveyard Hill (690+ ft)

Date: January 1, 2007
Author: Bob Schwab

Bill Jacobsí report is still valid. You can still drive to the top of Kennedy Hill and the lookout tower is still there but I didnít find any benchmarks. I approached Graveyard Hill as Bill did but the area is undergoing some changes. There is evidence of a lot of timber cutting and roads/paths now encircle the top. Some of these roads have signposts, which makes me think they are about to develop the land for recreational purposes. I didnít see any gravestones and I couldnít find the actual benchmark but I did find RM1 Flournoy 1943 and several witness signs at the highest ground. The NGS datasheet reveals the benchmark has an elevation of 696 feet. Love that red Alabama dirt splattered all over my car!