Chilton County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 8, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

This highpoint took two efforts with the first being turned back in a summer attempt due to thick thorn bushes.

From exit 212, I-65, proceed north 1.5 miles to H145. Turn left for 0.7 miles where you will find, as shown on the topo map, an old road heading uphill to the north in a pasture. I took this path on the first attempt but it exposes you to the view of a trailer home across the road. A better approach is to continue another third of a mile down the road to a 100 yards short of a barbecue joint and park off to the right along a dirt road/small quarry-like area. Backtrack down H145 and up the cliff crossing the fence into the forest/pasture hills. Continue up the hill following the pasture fence line in a northeasterly direction until reaching the highest point of the pasture. Cross the fence and start bushwhacking uphill.

I eventually came upon a old jeep trail making passage much easier and leading me to believe there is a better route somewhere to the east from my approach. This road winds its way within a few feet of a nondescript, tree-covered highpoint.