Colbert County High Point Trip Report

ten areas (980 ft)

Date: September 26, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

The challenge of Colbert's ten areas is not that daunting since all areas are within a few miles of downtown Crooked Oak. You can complete the county in less than three hours. Multi-area counties are not as exciting as "difficult" western peaks but down here you see a lot of churches, meet congenial landowners, and develop a personal relationship with a plethora of tics, to say nothing of a horde of "no see 'ems". Three roads (Waterloo, Crooked Oak, and Frankfort) form a small triangle - with points north, east and west - surrounding the hamlet. Crooked Oak Missionary Baptist Church is the only establishment inside the triangle.

Area one is a small hill 100 yards west of the north (triangle) point next to The Provision Ministry/Charity Chapel.

Area Two. Proceed north from the north point. After 0.1 mile continue straight ahead on the dirt road for another 0.1 mile. The high area contour is the road crest with an old shed and an abandoned house trailer on either side of the road.

For Areas 3-5, head west from the intersection of Frankfort and Waterloo Roads (west point of triangle) for 0.4 mile. Turn right (north) up Wagon Mountain Road. At 0.2 mile, as the road bears right, motor up old driveway to left where you might find an old sofa, a john, and assorted debris. The topo shows two structures anchoring either end of the contour but they have disappeared and Alabama's finest undergrowth has assumed a prominent role. From here, walk northeast across the highway. Next area is in woods where, after a persistent search, you may find a biodegradable orange streamer placed there by person(s) unknown. For the next area, continue north out the woods to a rise in the pasture.

Area Six is one mile up Wagon Mountain Road. Park at the red-bar gate and trudge 100-200 yards up the road, following a 90-degree left turn. High point will be left in the thickets. A GPS is helpful here.

Area Seven is 0.5 mile from east point of triangle (intersection of Waterloo and Crooked Oak Roads) - south of road and west of power-lines. Park to the side, head through the fields, and leap over a fence into the pasture land. High area is obvious. Returning from the highpoint I was intercepted by the property leaseholder riding over the horizon on his trusty steed. (My first thought was Fred's high pointing axiom #36, There is no disgrace to getting caught if you have already summited.) The property lessor had no objections to visitors but I have no idea where he lives.

For Area Eight continue another 0.2 mile east and turn left onto Indian Springs Road for another 0.1 mile. The high area is up the left embankment, over the fence, under the power-lines, and up the hill to the end of the pasture.

Areas 9-10 are 0.3 mile east of Indian Springs Road on Waterloo Road (1.0 mile east of triangle east point). Dirt road to south is gated but there are no signs denying access. First area's highest point appears to be near an antenna guy wire. Second area is at the end (also the county line) of a long string-bean shaped pasture angling south, southwest.