Coosa County High Point Trip Report

Candler Mountain (1,264 ft)

Date: October 20, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are three areas that are candidates for the high point of Coosa County. This report covers only Candler Mountain, which was the only one we did on this trip. The approach to Candler Mountain is also the approach for the unnamed high point of Tallapoosa County.

From the intersection of US 280/AL 38 with AL 9 about 3.5 miles west of the Coosa/Tallapoosa county line, go north on AL 9 about 5.5 miles to where it crosses the railroad tracks in the town of Goodwater. Continue north on 9 for another 1.7 miles and take the paved right (northeast) fork going off from AL 9. Follow this road for about 1.5 miles as it curves around to the east, then southeast. Where the road curves back toward the northeast the pavement ends and there is a gate across the road. We found the gate to be closed but unlocked.

Continue up the good-quality dirt road for another 0.2 miles to where a rougher road comes in on the right. Turn right (south) here and at the first fork, about 0.1 miles after turning, stay right (southwest) again. Follow this road for about 0.7 miles to where there will be another fork. Here the topographic map shows a loop road around the summit of Candler Mountain. However, if you take the right fork, the road will spiral around and actually wind up at the summit of Candler Mountain, where we found two bench marks.

To add the high point of Tallapoosa County to your list, return to the last-mentioned fork and see the report under that county.