Covington County High Point Trip Report

two areas (490 ft)

Date: July 26, 1999
Author: Bill Jacobs

From Andalusia to the southeast or McKenzie to the northeast travel to CR 53. Proceed north-northeast on CR53 about four miles to Vera Cruz Church - shown only on the topo map. From this point one area is due east and visible but getting there on a direct line would involve crossing several farms and a creek as well as ascending/bushwhacking up a hill. While reconnoitering, I found a gated road 0.4 miles to the south of the church that wound its way to the highpoint. It had no "keep out" signs and a bridge over the creek. The road goes near the top of the hill and splits there looping around the highest area. I ventured off the loop several times and headed into the bush trying to identify a distinct highpoint but to no avail.

For the second area go north from the church and take a right (less than a mile) to Boykin, AL. Several hundred yards down the road another road veers to the left and it is at this junction the highpoint is shown on the topo. Some of the high areas around here may be manmade from road construction debris.

What can we say about Covington? You are not likely to find the latte and tofu crowd in the local country stores, but if you are a collards and grits connoisseur, you're in "hog heaven".