Cullman County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 9, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Cullman, AL has seven areas clustered around an unnamed hamlet on top of Brindley Mountain. From exit #310 on I-65 proceed northwest up H157 to Battleground, a short distance prior to the Cullman/Morgan county line. Turn right, east, (onto CR1212?) at Battleground, a name on the map and not much else. You will soon come to the seven areas, described generally as we approached from the west to east. I was using a quad reference of 7,500 to one and do not know if Topozone's most resolute version would render similar reference to all seven areas.

Area one is on a side road off to the north on someone's residence. No one answered my knocks so I took the liberty to wander about the grounds.

Area two is along the road, a larger area encompassing a farm home and an adjoining fenced field. No one was home here either and I once again wandered about the property without incident. I also returned back down the road and checked out the farmer's field but this did not seem significantly, if any, higher than the house complex.

Areas three and four are up Barkely Br Road, a hundred yards, which heads north from CR1212. A large water tank dominates the area and is probably the highest point in the county. A trailer home is nearby and the property thereabouts is probably claimant to the highest point in this large area. Although I knew there was someone home, they failed to respond when trying to acquire permission to wander around. I did it anyway, feeling a little uneasy knowing I was being observed. The fourth area is an open field to the northeast of this area.

Area five is in a hollow between area three, the water tank, and area six and appears to be below the two. I went down there traversing through various pieces of private property to see if I was missing anything but could not find a obvious higher area than these other two.

Area six crosses CR1212 with section to the south looking to be the highest. The property owners, quite friendly, were just leaving and had no problem with me walking about their lands while absent. As said before, this area could be a candidate for county highpoint.

Area seven is up a road to an obvious hilltop. No one was home but merely walking up to the front door would complete this area, although it most likely is not in the running for highest point.