DeKalb County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Fox Mountain is a pleasant hike to a nondescript highpoint. Plan on two to three hours walking time and approximately 1000 feet of elevation change. Fox Mt can be found in De Lorme Alabama, page 21, and Georgia, page 12. Topo map is recommended.

Exit I-59 at Alabama exit 239 or the next exit further north, the first exit in Georgia. As a side note, Georgia is renumbering its exits and most maps will be outdated. Follow topo map and proceed to a road between these two exits that passes underneath I-59, a one-lane tunnel. Once through the tunnel, the road straight ahead is the route shown on the topo leading to the top of Fox Mountain. A locked gate blocked the road ahead even though it seemed eminently driveable.

We took the road veering to the left and then turned right onto a logging route about 200 yards down the road. We drove up the mountain about one half-mile until the wheels would spin no longer due to accumulated mud from recent rains. We continued on foot up the road to the logging operations and then found a rough road leading to the right and joined up with the route shown on the topo map. Once on the mountain top we came near what looked like a hunter's cabin but probably not permanently occupied. We made the complete loop shown on the topo map which ensures locating the correct highest contour. We agreed some rock formations just off to the south of the road were possibly the highest points. Ropes, pitons, etc... were not necessary to scale these boulders.

Be wary of some side roads leading off the loop road. The logging road we used could be altered with future operations.

We encountered no property owners or permanent residences.