Elmore County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 30, 1999
Author: Bill Jacobs

This report may be lacking in accuracy due to time span between trip and report. Will try to recollect details as best as possible. From Seman, AL proceed north on H-9 for 0.4 miles. Seman is located just south of Equality, AL, a politically-correct town name before its time, and the Talapoosa/Elmore County line. Turn left onto the dirt road-at this point I parked and continued on foot.

If you choose to proceed due west, you would have to navigate through thick undergrowth. Rather, follow dirt road as it snakes around countryside leading up to the highpoint. The whole area appears as though it were clear-cut about a decade ago and new lumbering easement roads were put in. The road on the topo map seems to not match any of the new road system routes. Reference to a topo is needed to keep oriented to the whereabouts of the high point. I remember veering right off the main dirt road and plowing through thick underbrush to ensure high point reached.

Not the most exciting highpoint Alabama has to offer but at least there is only one area to capture.