Escambia County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 13, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Escambia County has seven areas within the 370 to 380 foot contour lines. I would discourage anyone from tackling this county due to difficulty in locating some of the areas, various access problems, and dispersion of the areas. It took me over a year and three separate trips to finish it off.

Four of the areas are located within a very active hunting club's preserve. The manager, at first reluctant, has graciously allowed to permit entry under certain conditions. Do not attempt access on your own as it might harm future efforts by other cohpers. The manager asked that his name and phone number not be published here but to contact me as a reference for asking permission from him. Entry in hunting season would not be allowed. At other times all gates on this twelve mile range are locked.

The easternmost area, outside the hunting club property, is also on private land. You must travel through a farmer's home area to get to the top of the hill. Although permission was granted, I felt as though I was a suspicious intruder. I would suggest permission first, before going up the hill.

From the largest area at the crossroads is an area to the southeast bordering on the edge of the topo which appears to be rising but is actually descending. This mistake caused me to miss a small area on the Conecuh/Escambia border, inside the lettering, as I thought, at first, I had found all seven areas.