Hale County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 15, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Hale County consists of three areas all located within the Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area. Unlike most private hunting club reserves, there were no restrictions barring entry. The Area is primarily available for bow and arrow hunters, crossbows for the disabled. Most of the hunting seasons occur during the winter months but feral pigs and coyotes are up for grabs all year. Of course, in the oppressive summer months, tics, snakes, and "no-see-ems" are always stalking hikers. The access roads into the Area had single-bar gates across the entry points. One of two was found opened. The Area roads can be driven with standard vehicles.

Area one

From Centreville, AL (intersection of H82, H25, and H219) proceed SW on H25 for 21 miles to CR49. Turn right for 5.0 miles to CR50. Turn left for one mile and park adjacent to the "Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area Check Station" . Walk back 100 yards and take the dirt road with the bar gate (which I found closed) heading to the north. Follow this road about one mile to the cohp, round trip takes about one hour. Although the topo map indicates otherwise, the road goes all the way to the top where you will find a clear-cut area. The highest point may be to left and in the trees beyond the cleared area.

Areas two and three

From the "Oakmulgee" parking area continue west on CR50 to Road 706 (dirt). Turn right for one mile to a junction. Take the road bearing to the right reentering the Wildlife Area. I found the gate open and was able to drive to these two cohps. Travel one mile and where the road takes a sweeping 120 degree turn to the right will be the high point to the left. Hike in here and although the topo indicates a large contoured area, it rises to a distinct high ground. For the next area, continue down the road for 0.55 miles and park off to the left. Hike up a rough road to the right. At the crest in the forest to the left can be found a natural three foot mound with a tree atop.