Limestone County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 17, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

For the lone area at the northeast corner of the county, take Highway 53 south from downtown Ardmore 1.5 miles to its gentle curve to the southeast, and go straight on a paved road along the state line for 2.0 miles to a business on the right side of the road at address 29990. The county line is not marked by a sign, but the pavement changes just past this business. Get out and walk along the side of the road for about 50 feet or more to satisfy yourself. The highest point here was marked by a beer bottle lying on its side.

For the other 7 areas drive south from downtown Ardmore for 0.5 mile and turn right onto Fort Hampton Road (I think also Highway 53 at this point). At 2.4 miles from downtown, I-65 is crossed. Cross the interstate and take the first right, then immediately turn left. Go 0.4 mile and turn right. At 0.3 mile there is a field with a pull-in on the right. We asked next door and were told that the owner wouldn't mind if we hiked up the hill. Hike up the hill to the east, just past a small wooded strip, to the first contour, then hike north to a fence and cross it and hike about 100 yards to the second contour in the next field. Hand-leveling couldn't determine which of these is higher, but a tiny area 0.5 mile southwest was eliminated from these and the largest area, one mile to the southwest.

Return to your car and drive north 0.5 mile to a house on a contour on the right side of the road. Knock on the door and you've done the contour.

Drive south 0.75 mile to a 'T' and turn right, then go west 0.5 mile and turn left, passing the tiny contour on the right just past a white house.

Drive south 0.6 mile and turn left onto Star Road. The first tiny contour here is either at the road or the first house on the right, and the second contour here is on the left at a house for sale. We drove in and found the highest area here to be at the back corner of the house, and this hand-leveled higher than the other contour just down the road.

Follow Star Road east another 0.1 mile to a 'T' and turn left, and go north 0.2 mile to a house on the right side of the road. Nobody was home, so we walked behind the house and through a gate about 200 feet into the field behind the house to the highpoint. From here hand-levelling showed this to be higher than the tiny contour 0.5 mile north, and the two contours just to the southwest. A section of trees blocked sighting to the other contours a mile to the north-northeast.