Monroe County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 26, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Monroe County has five small areas at the 580 foot elevation. From I-65, exit 114, take H106 to the west about 15 miles to the intersection of H47. The hamlet of Midway, AL, with a few isolated houses, is nearby. The two highpoint areas of Conecuh, AL [see report] are within a third of a mile of here. Topo maps are needed for finding these areas.

Area one (Monroe) is located 100 yards east of this intersection to the north. South of the road is Conecuh County. Was able to find a BM in the underbrush.

Areas two through four are north of Midway, just over a mile away, on H47. A rough road juts off to the left and is driveable to McWilliams Lookout Tower (area two). One tenth of a mile back down this road toward H47 is a rough bulldozed road to the north ascending through the forest which makes for easier access to area three. Eventually you must leave this road to the right and whack your way through the underbrush to gain an indistinct highpoint. Just beyond the turnoff for McWilliams Tower, H47 bends to the east. Between the dirt road exiting to the south and H47 is area four. The high area is not evident and must be traversed from several sides to ensure coverage.

Area five is west of Midway on H47. Proceed .5 miles east and turn right onto a dirt road heading in a northeasterly direction. Continue for one mile going up and over the 570 foot contour level to another dirt road on the right-not shown on the topo map. Take this road a few hundred yards and walk into the forest on the left.

Monroe County is situated within a Navy flight training area.