Monroe County Highpoint Trip Report

five small areas (580+ feet)

Date: March 14, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

This updates Bill Jacobs's 2000 report and uses his numbering scheme.

For area three, the "rough bulldozed road" mentioned by Bill has apparently been swallowed up by vegetation. For an easier approach, park alongside H47 just northeast of the road to McWilliams Lookout Tower and use the driveway of the no-longer existent house shown on the topo to access the forest. Short bushwhack through easy woods to the little knob.

Area four is now in a large clear-cut, is easy to spot from H47, and is hardly over 100 feet from the highway.

For area five, you need to proceed 0.5 mile west from Midway before turning right onto the dirt road that heads in a northwesterly direction. If you follow this road you can get onto a pullout that is within 250 feet of the highpoint at a bearing of 225 degrees.