Morgan County High Point Trip Report

four areas in close proximity around a small lake

Date: February 8, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

From exit 328, I-65, take H36 to Cotaco. Proceed on CR32 to just short of Union Hill turning left on Buster Owen Rd. The road "T"s at 1.1 miles where you can observe area one directly in front of you. I proceeded to the left and took the first right where I found a field to park in next to a fence surrounding a microwave tower. The field requires some exploring as it does not lend itself to a distinct high area.

Back behind and to the east of the tower is area two but once on top there is no need to cross the fence as you can later approach this from the other side-both sides are needed to ensure coverage of this area.

For the next two areas proceed back to the "T" and continue down the road. After passing the lake on the left, take the first left into a residence behind which is a manned radio station. The folks inside were related to the landowners and cordially allowed me to explore the back pastures where the other areas were located. They indicated future visitors would be welcome if permission were asked for first.

Area three is split by a fence and appears to be near a large oak tree but you need to get to both sides of the fence to ensure coverage. You will be sharing the lake side of the fence with an assortment of farm animals who are more than curious about your presence.

Area four is located further to the north near a large shed and tower. The highest spot appears to be in the trees just behind the shed.

From area four you can walk over toward area two and get the other side of the fence as previously mentioned.