Pike County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 30, 1999
Author: Bill Jacobs

The high point is located a fourth of mile to the northeast of Beck's Mountain up the hill and underneath some power lines. Was warned to watch out for rattlesnakes. This is the easy part.

Finding Beck's Mountain is the challenge. I came from the west and got disoriented due to a combination of a lack of road signs and new road systems not shown on the topo maps and DeLorme. Approaching from the east using H231 should present fewer problems. At one point, stopped at a gas station to inquire as to my whereabouts and was hospitably invited into the combination store/pool hall/bar and sat down for a long drawn out explanation by someone who had weeks on his hand while I was running hours behind schedule. I then had to explain my interest in finding Beck's Mountain. But without experiences like this, you fail to get a flavor of the community you are intruding upon.