Randolph County High Point Trip Report

BM Sewell (1,524 ft)

Date: April 8, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The high point of Randolph County lies by a small county road near the Georgia state line, and is easily accessible.

From the intersection of GA 100 with the paved cross road just north of the large school in the community of Ephesus, GA, go west on the paved cross road for about 2.3 miles to the 5-way intersection just past the AL state line. (The Heard Co., GA high point is just east of this point; see the trip report under that county.) Make the second left and take this road 1.3 miles to an intersection with a better-quality paved road. Turn left again and take this road for 1.2 miles to where it turns sharp right; the Gray Hill Church is just past this point.

There will be a road continuing straight ahead at this point. Go straight up this road for a few hundred feet to the top of the hill. You are here.

On the right (west) side of the road will be Bench Mark Sewell, shown as having an elevation of 1,524 feet. The ground east of the road, in front of a house and garage, appears to be slightly higher. The lady of the house came out and we explained what we were doing, and she seemed to have no problem with it. I did not explain that we were the first of thousands to follow.