Saint Clair County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 9, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

St Clair is a most rewarding adventure in terms of a challenging hike and a spectacular view.

From exit 152 on I-20 proceed north on Cook Springs Road to H174. Turn left here and a few miles further on the left is a road proceeding along the Bald Mountain ridge for three or four miles to the high point. Access from H174 is blocked by a massive brick and gate complex with a key-code box for gate-opening. This barrier affords you the more enriching opportunity of a challenging hike.

Continue down H174 to the west and turn left at the first road, "Kelly Creek". Proceed along this road, paralleling the ridge to Rocky Road on the left. The turn-off will be abeam the mass of radio towers on the ridge. Drive up this road to where it splits turning onto the gravel route to the right. A short distance further at the end of the road is trailer-type home to the left. The gentleman living here was very cooperative allowing you to park in his yard, access the trail through his back yard, and offered route finding tips.

From behind his home proceed up hill 100 yards along the bush line to where a cut in the shrubbery opens up to the left for some overhead power lines. Follow this a quarter of a mile to a larger set of power lines going up the hill to the right. Continue up this path to the ridge top where, near the end, you will find some interesting rock scrambling and route-choosing challenges.

A 100 yards from the top I veered to the left finding a more comfortable routing.

After summiting the ridge, follow the dirt road to the south which eventually passes a fire tower and then on to a trail along a rock outcropping crag line. There are two summits along this line with the last yielding a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. Found on this latter summit two Alabama Geodetic BMs.

The two areas in this contour could be either the fire tower and/or the two summits.