Tuscaloosa County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 1999
Author: Bill Jacobs

Here's a belated trip report reflecting two failed attempts sometime last century.

The county highpoint is a thin chain of three areas running about a mile in length along the top of a ridge line. It is located a mile off Interstate 20/59 at exit 100. The overgrown and cleared sections shown on the topos are still accurate today.

There are two approaches to the ridge, the first being the dirt road at the southeastern base of the northeastern most area. I drove this road but did not attempt to climb the hill after feeling a little uncomfortable about parking my car in this neighborhood.

The second approach, as best as I can recall, was to park in a lot, near some commercial establishments, about an eight of a mile from the Interstate on H216. This is a point abeam the split between the most southwestern area and the middle area. From here, getting to the ridge top requires crossing a few fences and some open pasture land. The southwestern area is wide-open fields and poses no difficulties. The topo indicates the beginning of underbrush at the end of the first area and continues through the next two areas for about two thirds of mile. On two different occasions I tried to wade through the jungle of thickets and gave up after making a headway of less than 100 yards.

If the thickness of the bushes were to continue for the remainder of the ridge, it would be a supreme challenge for someone to complete.