Winston County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 9, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Winston's four areas are located five miles northeast of Haleyville on H195. Using a 7,500 to one quad, I had difficulty finding all the areas given their smallness and a plethora of other details cluttering the map. There's still a lingering doubt, but here goes.

Area one is off to the east soon after Union Hill Church. The map depiction here is oddly shaped, almost manmade. In reality, it was undergoing extensive excavation and what it's future held is unknown. The diggings were lowering most of the surrounding land. Directly behind the microwave towers is undisturbed land which seems to pass for the highest point in this area. The adjoining pasture lands were also checked, to the displeasure of bucolic animals who were not interested in sharing their homeland.

Area two is a third of a mile up the road, prior to a curve and across the street from two old, grey silos with the faded inscription "Butler". You can easily wander this field without fearing you are infringing on someone else's private property, although you probably are.

Area three is another half mile where CR 93 breaks off to the left. The land to the right of the building along H195 and along the fence looks to be the highest point. This would be on the north side of the road (H195) and the fence to the back of the building at the intersection of H195 and CR93. There is no discernible difference in height between the areas inside and outside the fence. I did not attempt to gain entry. In fact, the area outside appeared to be higher but it was difficult distinguishing what changes to the landscape were the result of roadwork buildup.

Area four was most interesting as the topo maps were quite misleading. The road now actually goes to the highpoint, benchmark 1023 feet, and comes in from the west, branching off of H195 soon after area three. Someone has built a home nearby and indicated the highpoint, many years ago, became a gravel quarry losing 60 feet of its height. The area was obviously flattened but I felt it was a stretch to say it had lost 60 feet. Maybe, 20 or 30 feet. Watch out for unfriendly dogs. The property owner allowed me to walk around the fields, but be aware he is the sole occupant and worked graveyard. Finding him home at midday might mean a wake-up call. I did not have that misfortune as I luckily timed my appearance with his return from work.

In summary, I would give area two the nod as the county high point and area one as a possibility. Or, it could be an area I failed to find while scrutinizing the topos.