Benton County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 10, 2002
Author: Jobe Wymore

From the junction of AR62 and AR127 in Garfield, set the odometer and head south. The road instantly climbs uphill and crosses over some railroad tracks and then immediately turns left. Keep following the road until at mile 4.1 you'll reach Lodge Drive marked by a huge Lodge on Whitney Mountain sign. Turn south onto this road and it will take you uphill. At 0.6 mile from the sign, you will reach a mailbox on the right marked 12598. Park here, off the road.

This first area is going to be the one marked north-northwest of the BM in Andy Martin's book. It appears to be just behind the mailbox. Easy to get to.

For the second area, just continue on down the street for another 0.2 mile. The road curves to the left and a nice parking lot for the Lost Bridge Community Association is nearby. We parked here. We got out and walked just a bit west and found a witness marker with BM nearby, right off the road in front of "Rizza's" house. Wandered around a bit until we felt satisfied with having completed the HP.

Views from the second area are great since you are high above Beaver Lake and the surrounding area.