Cleburne County High Point Trip Report

on Parma and Prim quadrangles (1,340+ ft)

Date: August 15, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

To reach the highpoint area on the Parma Quadrangle, go east on Hwy. 263 from its intersection with Hwy. 9 near Rushing for approximately 5 miles (I didn't use the odometer) to Old Brewer Road and turn south. Continue down Old Brewer Road for 0.8 mile to reach two houses and then continue another 0.1 mile and park along the road at the base of a hillside that has been clear cut. Traverse the clear-cut, which is easier said than done since there were a lot of downed logs and limbs that were covered in briars and vines to the hilltop. The hilltop area is forested. On the hilltop there are two rock outcrops that are higher than the surrounding hilltop, but I was not able to tell which was higher.

The second area is reached by returning to Hwy. 263 and continuing east for 5.1 miles to Hanover Road. Go east on Hanover Rd for 0.2 mile. The highpoint area is located on the south side of the road across from several trailers in a wooded area. The area is pretty flat, making the highpoint difficult to determine.

Both highpoint areas were not posted.