Columbia County High Point Trip Report

on Magnolia NW quadrangle

Date: June 20, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

Columbia County's highpoint is reached by going to Lamartine in northern Columbia County on US 371. Turn east on County Road (CR) 60 at a historic sign stating that, "Lamartine was one of the oldest settlements in Columbia County and that Andrew Jackson help cut a military road from New Orleans to Fort Smith past this location."

Follow CR 60 (paved) for 2.3 miles to the east through the small community of Shiloh to CR 62 located on the north side of CR 60. Take CR 62 (paved) to the north for 1.4 miles until reaching the intersection of CR 117 (gravel), turn north on CR 117. Drive north for 1.3 miles until reaching a dirt road that is gated on the east side. The gate is locked. The land is leased to a hunting club, but I did not see any postings.

Park near the gate and follow the dirt road past the gate to the east for about 550 feet to a hunting trailer. Continue following the dirt road to the east for about 1100 feet to reaching a "Y", take the south branch (right) for about 30 feet until reaching a fence line with white blazes. Cross the fence and continue east for about 200 feet until reaching the highpoint area.

The highpoint area has had some recent logging but is still for the most part forested. There is not a defined highpoint so strolling around is necessary. It is probably a good idea to avoid this highpoint during hunting seasons.