Drew County High Point Trip Report

on Monticello South quadrangle (420+ ft)

Date: May 31, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

Jobe Wymore's and David Olson's trip reports were a great help in planning this trip.

I read where Jobe mentioned a third point in his report, and I think I see it on the Quad Sheet also. It is located about 150' north of County Rd 46 and about 300' into a wooded area.

I reached the highpoint areas by exiting off of Highway 425 onto Highway 83s. I drove 0.4 miles until I reached South Main St. and then turned north and drove on S Main St. for 0.3 miles until I reached a nursery called Main St. Garden. At Main St. Garden I turned onto a road that went east across some RR tracks, I could not find a name for this road. I took this unnamed road for 0.4 miles until I reached Midway Rd, then I turned east on this road. I Followed Midway Rd for 0.3 miles until I saw a gravel pullout on the northeast side of the road, a water tower is also near by. The natural highpoint seems to be located near a lone pine tree on the remaining dirt and gravel that hasn't been mined away. At some point in the future it could be gone.

I didn't visit the area within the lumber plant, I took Jobe's word on it.

The third, unlisted area is located 0.2 miles south of the pullout for the first highpoint area. There is a crest of Midway road just before it reaches the intersection with County Rd 46. On this crest is a gravel pullout on the east side of the road. The highpoint area is located about 300' into the woods to the west. There are remains of some type of building on this highpoint area, I could have been a small tower. There was quite a bit of vegetation around so it was not possible to see the first highpoint area.

I am going to try and verify this third area, by looking at the actual quad sheet, instead of the digital copies, to see if it actually exists or not.