Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

Hare Mtn

Date: December 21, 2007
Author: Edward Earl

Hans Hausstein's directions are good. I write this because, based on my field observations, I seriously question the correctness of the HP as shown on the 7.5 minute topo map. According to the map, the HP is a 2440-foot contour at the north end of the summit plateau and it is also encircled closely by a 2400 foot contour.

Thus the HP is a small but sharp rise at least 50 feet high. I found no such feature in the field. The summit plateau is slightly undulating and there is a slight rise, enough to justify a 2400-foot contour but nothing anywhere near the 50 feet that would be necessary to justify a 2440-foot contour. The summit is forested with visibility limited to perhaps 100 yards but I explored the entire north end of the summit plateau quite thoroughly and I'm confident that no such feature exists.

I feel that the 2440-foot contour is a goof and that the highest contour on Hare Mountain should be 2400 feet. It therefore becomes necessary to visit all 2400 foot contours on Hare Mountain, which I did. There are two additional ones: one about 1/4 mile south of the bad 2440-foot contour and about 1/2 mile south of that. In addition, there is also a palpable rise in the bulge halfway between the middle and south 2400-foot areas but it doesn't show as a 2400-foot contour.

I am sure that I visited all 2400-foot areas on Hare Mountain but, as far as the Franklin CoHP is concerned, it is possible that there is a 2400-foot area somewhere else in the county. I will leave that determination up to our eagle-eyed constituents like Andy Martin and Dave Olson.