Garland County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 30, 2003
Author: Bob Packard

I couldn't seem to make Hans Haustein's directions work, so I finally gave up on them and just started taking whatever turns seemed to make some sense (I drove all over the place up there) and I finally found myself, somewhat surprised, right on top of Ouachita Pinnacle. "0 1 2" printed on the ground in big concrete numerals. Found a way to get inside the fence surrounding the foundation blocks for the former Look-Out. Didn't find BM.

On the way out I discovered that the road Hans refers to as NFR J60 was signed FR 154. Also, to get to NFR 11 one needs to go 8.5 miles (Hans says "about seven"). The travel on FR 154 is 4.4 (Hans says "about six").