Grant County High Point Trip Report

on Willow quadrangle

Date: April 26, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

Grant County's highpoints are nothing to write home about. All three are located on nondescript paper company land.

To reach the highpoint areas go south of Lono about five miles and turn east onto Lemons Road. Follow the road past a burned out trailer on the south side of the road and a house in the 90 degree corner of the road that heads north. The road soon passes through a gate on to the paper company land.

The first highpoint is located about 500 feet north of road in a flat area with no distinct highpoint, walk around till you are satisfied.

The second area is reached by driving west back toward the gate and turning south on a timber road. You can drive about a 1/4 mile down this road before the mud holes get to deep. Park along the road and follow this trail to the southeast. The trail comes to a three-way fork. Take the northernmost fork for about 500' to the second high area. The second high area looks just like the first. Walk around till you are satisfied.

The third area is just south and east of the second area by about 300 feet. Located in this third area is a rotted stump that seems to be higher, but you had better walk around until you area satisfied. Note: There were signs of timber harvesting in the area so be wary of large timber equipment and log trucks.