Howard County High Point Trip Report

one area on Big Tom Mtn (1,660+ ft)

Date: March 11, 2001
Author: Jobe Wymore

Now only take this route if you like to hike a lot farther than you really have too. Sloppy map reading made for a 2+ hour hike where I got banged around a bit.

From the center of Langley at the junctions of AR369 & AR84 (same start point for Pike County) hit the odometer and head west on AR84. You'll cross the Little Missouri River and at 6.3 miles look for Goat Ranch Road off to your right. Take the right onto Goat Ranch Rd and hit the odometer again. Stay on the main track and head north on this good dirt road. At a little over 1.5 miles the road is going to fork. Take the left most branch and at 1.9 miles there is going to be a road on right where this good track starts to swing westward. I think if you were to take the proper route you would continue on the main track further. Anyway, for my route, park here. You normally could turn onto the other road but downed trees blocked the road. The road must be new because it is not on the Athens Quad.

I followed this road to its terminus which is in a nice turnaround and from there bushwhacked steeply to the ridge line between spot elevations 1628 and 1677 where the Pike/Howard County line would be. Swing to the East (right) and hike to the spot elevation 1677. From here my heart sank a bit. From the distinct top I looked closer at my map and realized that I was in Pike County and not Howard. Not only that but, the actual HP was 2 1/2 miles west along the same ridge line! I sucked it up and literally bashed my way through overgrown trees and brush to the HP of Howard County. These were a tough 2 1/2 miles! About 350' to the northwest of Spot elevation 1587 along the ridge you'll come across the rusted remains of something. It was a frame of some sort and about then you'll start to encounter pink survey ribbons that someone has put in the trees. I them to the summit of Howard County.

Tough hike! Took about 2 1/2 hours round trip. From the summit you can look back East and see the whole ridge line and that your on the obvious HP. Nice views.