Johnson County High Point Trip Report

three areas on Garlands Knob on Ozone quadrangle (2,360+ ft)

Date: August 14, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

Johnson County's highpoints are located in the north-central part of the county near the Newton County line.

To reach the three areas on Garlands Knob, go south from Fallsville on Hwy. 21 (Junction of Highways 16 and 21) or 2.4 miles to a gravel road on the west (right) side of Hwy. 21. The gravel road does not have a name, but can be identified by the Moon Hull Full Gospel Church sign. Follow this gravel road for 0.7 mile to a fork stay to the west (right), then continue on this road to another fork 1.2 miles further, stay to the east (left). Another 0.4 mile along this road and there is a telephone pole that is almost in the road, park near here. The easternmost highpoint area (1st area) is 0.08 mile north of this location (according to my Garmin GPS). The highpoints are located in the Ozark National Forest.

The hillside is forested with some underbrush an poison ivy. The first highpoint area is forested but has little underbrush. The entire area was about the same elevation.

The second highpoint area is about 600 feet west of the first area. The underbrush is a lot thicker with lots of shoulder high grass and green briars (ouch). The second area seemed a bit higher than the first area, but this was only my perception because I could not see the first area from the second area. The highest part of the second area is located in the northwestern part of 2360 closed contour at (35.73248 deg N, 93.47829 deg W).

The third long highpoint area is a tough bushwhack along the ridge line southwest from the second area. There were times when both my legs were tangled in the thick mix of high grass, blackberry vines, and green briars, making it very difficult to move. The third area seemed lower than the second but this is just my perception, no hard evidence.

If you continue southwest down the ridge to the road you will see a grouping of five mailboxes in a circle on one center pole. From the mailboxes it is 0.7 mile northeast along the road to the area at which your vehicle is parked.

Note: Upon viewing the DEM for Ozone when I got back to Little Rock, it indicated that the area within the second highpoint area (2375 feet) was higher than the other two areas.