Lafayette County High Point Trip Report

on Boydville quadrangle

Date: August 19, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

This was one tough county to complete: Heat, dense vegetation, ticks and fire ants just to name a few reasons. To reach the northern 3 areas go north from Lewisville on Arkansas Highway 29 (I didn't record the mileage) to the place of Palm (shown on the DeLorme Atlas). Go west of Palm on Lafayette County (LC) Road 5 (paved) 1.4 miles to LC road 101 to the north (gravel). Go north on LC 101 0.7 mile to a gate that was open and sign for the PC Hunting Club, continue on the road another 0.1 mile to where a lessor road forks to the north at 90 degree turn of LC 101 to the west. If you reach some oil wells you missed the turn on the lesser road. Continue north of the lessor road for 0.4 mile to where it forks (this road is shown on the quad sheet). This is the best place to park with plenty of room to turn around.

Follow the left fork of the road west to reach the two western most highpoints. I used a mountain bike from this point. The first of the two highpoints is about 0.4 mile west of the fork on the road with about 700 foot bushwhack to the summit of the highpoint south of road. There were lots of thorny bushes and dead falls with a gain of about 50 feet in elevation. The next highpoint with the spot elevation of 402 feet is reached by continuing west on the road about 0.15 mile to a gate. The woods are more open than that of the last highpoint with a walk of about 500 feet north of the gate and road with a gain of about 70 feet in elevation. There were quite a few rocks on the surface, which is unusual for the Gulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas, which appeared to be of sandstone nature along with some neat conglomerates intermixed.

The northern most area is reached by returning to the fork and your vehicle and this time taking the right fork (north). Follow the track to the north for about 0.3 mile to a gate marking the boundary between the PC Hunting Club and the Poor Boys Hunting Club. The phone number for the Poor Boys Hunting Club is 870-653-4834. Follow the road for about 0.3 mile to a large clearing/gravel pit, continue west across the clearing to where the road remerges. Follow the road north past several deer stands until it goes up a hill and comes to another gate, about 0.4 mile, this is the highpoint. Walk along the sides of the road and watch out for the fire ants to claim this one.

To reach the forth and final area, return to LC 5 and go west toward Boyd Hill. Go 2.1 miles west then south on LC to a rough trail to a gravel pit on the east side of the road. If you have a 4WD you can take the trail about 0.1 mile more to the east, if not park along the road. (Note that this area is just south of a newly formed lake with a dirt road on its dam.) This was the toughest bushwhack of the 4 highpoint areas. It is about 1/2 mile to the summit from the gravel pit up and down two hills, through some thick brush (crawling maybe necessary) to the highpoint area. A GPS came in real handy in reaching this dandy of a bushwhack. The highpoint area is pretty broad with no defined highest area so, more bushwhacking is required on the summit. You can reach Hwy 82 by continuing south on LC 5 for 5.1 miles.

It is impossible to tell which of the areas is highest, one has a spot elevation of 402 feet, but the last one has the largest 400-foot contour, so hit all four to claim this devil of a county.