Little River County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 31, 2002
Author: David Olson

I did not have either a 7.5' map or a compass. I came at these areas from Arkinda. Hans Haustein had come from the other direction.

For the northwest area, from the Arkinda railroad tracks, I drove on county road 50: north 0.2 mile, east 0.2 mile, north 0.75 mile, east 0.25 mile, then tending northeast 0.8 mile, to a good two-track behind a gate labeled Climax Hunting Club. I hiked 160+ paces north (northwest?) to the crest of the road, then headed into the brush left (southwest?) of the two track. I didn't find anything, got lost, found an overgrown track, arbitrarily headed right, saw it narrow to ATV width, then it came out on a good two-track. I arbitrarily headed right and soon came back to my truck.

For the southeast area, I do not understand Hans' road directions. From AR 41 about 5 miles south of AR 234 I went west 2.0 miles on county road 30, then north 1.7 miles (crest) on county road 101 (not signed at the junction with 30, signed at another junction 0.25 mile to the south of 30/101 junction).

Once parked, I headed into the brush west of the road. After a best effort for equipment at hand I concluded I was lost again. I set a direction and hiked it, expecting to eventually come across a road-of-some-sort. That direction happened to be about 355 azimuth, so I came out on the east-west road that Hans recommended, which is 0.1 mile closer to the HP area than my choice of parking. I therefore didn't get to either Little River AR cohP area.

NOTICE: A good tree-capable GPS is recommended. Next is a compass, a buddy and a 7.5' topo map of the area, roughly in that order of importance. The green tree-overlay on the map isn't important, unless you are very good at distinguishing new growth from older growth.