Monroe County High Point Trip Report

on Roe and Brinkley quadrangles

Date: May 16, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

Starting with section 36 1 North 4 West, I will call this area one. To reach this highpoint, go north on Highway 49 for about 1/2 mile to Gilda Lane going to the west. Turn onto Gilda Lane and proceed through an unposted gate with a sign for Henry's Clubhouse for about 0.15 mile to a small pullout. Go northeast from this pullout up a small ridge to the highpoint area. The highpoint area had been plowed under and was not planted. The area stretches southeast to northwest, terminating near a few sheds on the northwest end. The highest area was impossible to determine so I walked around the plowed ground until I was satisfied. I tried to hand level but, there was just not enough relief.

The next two areas are reached by returning to the Highway 49 and Highway 33 intersection. These areas are on the east side of the northwest quarter of section 35-1N-4W. From the Highway 33 and 49 intersection, go west on Highway 33 for 0.4 mile to Porter Lane and a sign for Porter Seed Cleaning. I drove up the drive to several large barns and buildings with trucks around and got out and was greeted by two friendly dogs. I called out to see if any one was there, but no one responded. I then continued down the drive to a ranch style house, no one was there either, the total distance from Highway 33 to this house is about 0.3 mile. The drive forks at the house and I took the northern (right) one of the two and proceeded through an unposted gate. The drive continues north and dips down into a small ravine crossing a concrete ford 0.2 mile north of the house, the drive continues another 0.2 mile to the edge of a rice field, with a lesser drive going to the west toward the highpoints. I parked at this point and got my mountain bike out and rode down the lesser drive to the west for about 0.2 mile to the end of the drive at a fence. Beyond the fence was a plowed field that contained the highpoints. The southern most of the two highpoints is about 0.1 mile from the fence line and is marked with a white PVC pipe sticking up next to a well head. The northern of the two highpoints is also marked in the same manner and is about 0.2 mile north of the southern highpoint area just across a small pond. The area around the two well heads seems to be undisturbed by plowing due to the presence of the well heads.

To reach the final two areas in section 35, return to Highway 33 and continue west 1.1 miles to a gravel road going north just across Highway 33 from a road signed Propeller Road. Go north on this road 0.7 mile then park along the road and walk about 0.1 mile to the east to a pump house structure on the highpoint of the southern most of these contours. The ground around the pump house was higher, due to not being plowed. The northernmost of these two areas is about 0.2 mile further north on the road and also crosses the road. The highpoint area stretches from a barn-like structure in a semi-wooded area on the south end to field on the north end. The highest area seemed to be between the ditch and the plowed portion of the field. I hand-leveled back toward the pump house, but with no clear difference between the two.

The final area on the Roe Quad is reached by returning to Highway 33 and going west and then north 3 miles to the Monroe/Prairie County Line. The highpoint area is south and east of intersection of Bock Road and Highway 33. The entire area is about the same elevation so I walked around a bit before calling it done.

The seventh and final area is reached by driving to Brinkley, which is about 30 miles from these southern Monroe County highpoints. If you take Highway 33 north to I-40 you will go through DeValls Bluff, be sure to stop in Craig's BBQ if you have the time, it is just west of where Highway 33 and Highway 70 intersect. It is a hole in the wall place, but the food is great.

The seventh area is reached by driving north on Highway 49 from I-40 in Brinkley about 4.3 miles to West Freeman Road. Turn west onto West Freeman Rd and go 0.5 mile to a gate with postings. The gate was open so I drove on to the highpoint which is 0.6 mile past the gate. The highpoint of this area was also near a well head in a dry rice field. There looked to be a trailer at the end of this drive but I did not get close enough to tell if it was one or just some farm building. It was getting dark so I bagged the last point to claim Monroe County and departed the area with out making contact with anyone.