Montgomery County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

From the Montgomery County line sign easy of Abernathy Springs hit your odometer and head east on #8. After 2.8 miles you will see a brown sign on the right side of the road saying, "Little Missouri Falls 6 Miles." Just a tiny ways past the sign is a dirt road heading southerly signed with Caney Creek and also FR43. Hit the odometer again and head south on this decent dirt road. At 2.2 miles, where the road sort of crests at somewhat of a saddle, park. There will be lesser dirt roads branching off on both sides of the road, one heading downward a little bit and the one on your right heading uphill. Head uphill and follow to the highest point at the end of the road/track. It goes over one false summit and then reaches the true summit after about 1 mile of walking.

The summit rock is clearly identifiable. A witness BM was found near the trees to the NW of the summit rock. It read 2207.11 feet. It's not on the highest point though.