Nevada County High Point Trip Report

on Laneburg and Emmett quadrangles

Date: June 20, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

To reach the highpoint areas of Nevada County drive south of Prescott to the junction of Highway 53 and Highway 73. Continue south on Highway 53 for 2.1 miles to a gravel road on the west (right). While driving south on Highway 53, the communication tower on the highpoint area is visible to the southwest. Drive west on the gravel road for 0.1 miles to a "Y", take the road on the north (right), and follow the road for 0.3 miles to the summit area.

There are two areas shown on the quad sheets. The first area is located in the curve of the road on the summit. The area has recently been logged, so there are views from the northeast to the southwest.

The second area is located down the road to the east past a rusty locked gate by the communications tower. The highest point of this second area is by a large oak tree just east of the tower site. From a visual inspection, the first area seems to be higher than the second area, but I can't be sure.