Newton County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 1, 2003
Author: Bob Packard

See Hans Haustein's reports. I went to all 9 areas for Madison and Newton counties.

Started off with the Madison areas southwest and north of intersection of AR 16 with Newton-Madison County Line on the Boston Quad. I duplicated Hans' GPS reading for the north one right on the county line, indicated by fence. But I walked northwest of there and the land first went down a little, but rose quite a bit. I feel the hp is near (35° 49.230' N, 93° 31.075' W) while Hans' position was (35° 49.153' N, 93° 31.067' W).

Next I went east on AR 16 and did the 2 Newton areas northeast of road, the north one of these in woods definitely lower than the south one in pasture.

Next went south on AR 16 and did Newton Yates BM area in open field, not finding the BM.

Next I went to the still-standing Buffalo LO area and the one south of it, both Newton areas.

Next I drove west on AR 16 and took CR 3105 north just before you get to Pettigrew. At locked gate walked into private property (poor man summer places?) and did the 2 Madison areas there. The road southeast of these two areas gated at both ends and not used by anyone anytime. The northeast gate is one I hiked from. The southwest gate is at end of CR 3265 which leaves AR 16 W of CR 3105 in Pettigrew.

Briars, poison ivy, blackberry bushes typical of all 9 areas.