Pulaski County High Point Trip Report

Shinall Mtn (1,060+ ft)

Date: December 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

Delorme actually shows 2 approaches for this peak/hill but only the one from the south goes to the top. Houses have been built on the north side of Shinall Mountain cutting off access from that side but, from the south a great road takes you to the top.

From Chinal Parkway and AR10 head south on the Parkway for 4.6 miles til you hit Kanis Road on your right. Take a right on Kanis and at 1 mile the road is going to "Y" with Kanis heading off left and Denny Road branching off to the right. Take the Denny Road branch and only 0.7 miles later you will see Gordon Road on you right. Gordon Road is paved and goes all the way to the summit of Shinall Mountain. It curves here and there and at 1.9 miles on it you will pass through a yellow gate. It appears that this gate is open all the time BUT I could be wrong. It definitely isn't posted. A little while later after you pass through the gate the road is gonna "T." Take a left and a little over 1/2 mile later you will be on top at a bit of a turn around area. Total distance from the beginning of Gordon Road is 2.9 miles.

The summit area has many communications towers on it but, the highest point is not fenced in. Hand leveling around the summit area shows it to actually be a rock that is on the East side of the turn-around area. There IS a higher area of lots and lots of rocks piled up but, it appears man-made. Hit 'em both if you want. This would be a great county to get if you had a few hours in Little Rock.