Pulaski County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 13, 2005
Author: David Olson

I followed Jobe's advice, and Hans Haustein's trip report, except I forgot my map and Hansí trip report back home. I had to resort to memory. It was successful. John Mitchler has called such feats "Olsonizing a summit." Hans' report is good. I fill in some details.

The new road is signed "Chenal Valley". I did not note the descriptor "Road", "Blvd", "Street", or whatever. The first road to the south is gated. Gordon Road is now signed.

At about the highest point of Gordon Road (+/- 100 feet horizontal) is a fork heading north under some communication lines. It is where Gordon Road stops going straight and turns a little to the left. The fork-road is fit only for a high-grade bulldozer. At the fork and connected to both roads is a U-shaped turn-around area. There appear to be the "ruins" of a small concrete building a short distance west of the turn-around.

Partly because of a memory mistake I looked all over the top. I did not find the BM. Among one of the rock heaps I found what might have once been Hans' rock cairn. I did not find any highpoint register. I also found lots of spent shotgun shells.