Sebastian County High Point Trip Report

Poteau Mtn on Cauthorn and Bates quadrangle sheets

Date: May 4, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

The Scott/Sebastian highpoint is located on the ridge that divides the two counties.

The highpoint is reached by driving to Hartford in Sebastian County and taking State Highway 96 west through town until reaching West Hartford Road (paved) on the south side of Hwy. 96, turn on this road. Follow West Hartford road for 2.6 miles then turn south on Poteau Mountain Road (paved), this road continues for 2.8 miles before it crosses a bridge and becomes gravel. Follow the road up the mountain for 2.4 miles to the ridge top, the road forks east and west. Take the east fork of the road through an open gate. This is were the road begins to get rough as there are lots of ruts. It looks like it could get slick after a rain and there was a lot of sand in places (a vehicle tends to slide when braking hard in sand). Follow this road for a bone jarring 4.7 miles until it reaches a road that turns north. Turn north on this road and follow it for 0.5 miles. This is the last bit to the summit and the county line follows this road to the top for part of the way.

The summit area has several towers around it, but has no views. The highpoint seemed to be near the gate to the microwave tower (could be unnatural). It is best to walk around the entire area to make sure, since you can't be positive where the county line lays. The natural highpoint possibly lays with the grassy area of the turn-around.

It is a long trip to the top, but worth the double highpoint.