Stone County High Point Trip Report

Strand Knob on Blue Mountain on Fox quadrangle (1,840+ ft)

Date: August 15, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

Looking at the Quadrangle Sheet, Stone County's highpoint looks pretty impressive and the trip did not disappoint. The highpoint area is located on Blue Mountain, just southwest of the town of Timbo. The highpoint area is located on private land. The owner of the land is Dee Fulks and he also owns the Texaco gas/grocery store in Timbo on Highway 66. Mr Fulks was very polite and did not have a problem with me accessing the highpoint. He even proposed taking me up to the summit on his ATV, if his wife were there to run the store. He gave me directions to access his land and asked me send duplicates of photos that I took on the summit.

To reach the highpoint, go west out of Timbo for about 1 mile on Hwy. 66 to the junction of Hwy. 263. Turn south on Hwy. 263 and continue up Blue Mountain for 2.6 miles to the intersection with Jimmy Creek Road. Turn west on Jimmy Creek Road (gravel) and continue. At 1.3 miles from Hwy. 263 a road forks to the left, stay right. Drive 0.6 mile further on Jimmy Creek Road to where it makes a 90 degree turn, go straight across a cattle guard and gate. The name on the sign is Kerry Perry Cattle Crossing. There is a house on the east side of the drive, continue down the drive for about 0.1 mile to an orange gate. The orange gate is the entrance to Dee Fulk's property. I drove about 1/4 of mile further beyond the gate, but it is best to park right at the gate because of the narrow, rough road.

Continue following the narrow road along the ridge top. After about one mile the road forks, stay left. Continue following the road for about another 0.4 mile to another fork, go right. The rough road goes steeply up to the summit, the total distance from the orange gate is about 1.75 miles.

The summit area is void of trees and is covered in waist-deep grass. There are great views to the south and southwest. Near the highpoint area on the summit is an old school bus. (I have no idea how it was driven up there!) The highpoint area is pretty broad, so tramping around in the grass is necessary. There is also a cabin on the northeast side of the summit area. This is by far the best highpoint in Arkansas that I have visited.