Union County High Point Trip Report

two areas one mile northeast of Marysville - one with BM (380+ ft)

Date: February 15, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

I did this one the hard way and found a much easier route on the way out. From the junction of US 82 and AR 57 at Marysville, I drove north on AR 57 for 0.3 mile and parked at the Williams house #267. This is located just west of the small pond and spot elevation at 272 feet where the track road shown on the topo reaches the paved road. The occupant was an elderly person with a full time live-in aid. The aid referred me to the owners, Ann and Harold Braswell, for permission to park and hike. I drove to the Braswell's home, 2.8 miles south of US 82 on Braswell Corner Road, which is shown on the topo heading south from US 82 from just east of the 82/57 junction. The Braswell's home is a brick structure on the right with an antiques shop included. Mrs. Braswell was quite interested in my quest and graciously granted permission to hike from the Williams house. Her number is 870-554-2286, and I'm sure future highpointers would be welcomed and granted permission.

I hiked east-northeast along disappearing woods roads, passed through some wet areas, and went right at a major junction. Unfortunately, that woods road petered out without gaining much elevation. The path shown on the topo heading southeast to just west of the summit was not found by me. Eventually I just started bushwhacking uphill, which was generally east, through some of the worst thickets and scrub I've ever traversed. This was in February, and I dread the thought of doing that bushwhack in summer. I finally reached an excellent, wide gravel road and utility swath and followed the road uphill until a crest at a large, barkless pine, and a sort-of pullout. From there I bushwhacked northeast, staying on the not very prominent ridge line. I soon spotted the witness post for BM Murphy 1941, with the BM one foot beyond and very obscure. The second bump is another 100 - 200 feet northeast, near what look like hunters' trailers. The hike from AR 57 took a full hour.

The excellent gravel road obviously led somewhere, so I followed it generally south to US 82, about 3/4 mile and 15 minutes distant. Directions from US 82: From the junction of US 82 and AR 57, go 1.0 mile east on 82, slightly east of the crest, and park opposite a very obvious metal gate barring the excellent gravel road that heads north along a pipeline swath. The road is generically posted, and is apparently heavily used by hunters in season, indicated by several hunting towers/stands along the road and the trailer camp near the highpoints. In February, there was no one present. Walk north on the road for about 15 minutes, go left at major fork, and continue up to a low crest and the barkless pine tree and pseudo-pullout described above, then bushwhack to the BM. The topo is close to useless as far as showing the current position of the many track and gravel roads in the area.