Union County High Point Trip Report

on Marysville quadrangle

Date: August 19, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

Thanks to the information from Mike Schwartz's early trip this ascent was a breeze. To access the highpoint first contact the Braswells 870-554-2286 for permission, or use Mike's directions to their house if asking in person.

From Arkansas State Highway 57 and US Highway 82 go east on Highway 82 for 1.1 miles to a very nice gravel road on the north side of the road. The road is gated and has a sign "Private Road", there is a gap just to the west of the gate that ATV's use to access the area. Be careful when parking along this busy Highway. Looking to save some time, I rode my mountain bike to the highpoint areas. My GPS indicated distance of 0.85 mile to the largest highpoint area from US 82 and the private gravel road. About 1/3 of a mile north on the gravel road there is a second gate that was posted, but open. At about 0.7 mile from Highway 82 there is a fork in the gravel road, stay to the left. The road goes down then back up to a small ridge, the distance is about 0.15 mile from the fork, this is where you bushwhack into the woods. The vegetation was very thick, but there was no poison ivy or thorny bushes, lots of French Mulberry.

I had to crawl through some underbrush before reaching the witness post. I then uncovered the benchmark that was covered in pine needles just about a foot or so to the northeast of the witness post. The BM is about 75 to 100 feet from the gravel road. The second area is just to the northeast through some pretty thick brush. I could not tell which was higher, but I feel that the BM was higher due to the size of the 380 contour.