Yell County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 18, 2007
Author: Jerry Brekhus

We approached this from the south on NFR 18. The junction with AR 80 is between Blue Ball and Waltreak. Watch closely for NFR 18. We went past it and had to turn around and come back. We mistook the narrow lane for a private drive the first time.

At 5.4 miles up NFR 18 turn on NFR 3, which had been recently regraded. The washouts and deep ruts were gone and the road was in good condition for a forest road. Zero your odometer here. We found the overlook described in Hans Haustein's report to be 2.4 miles up NFR 3. At 3.5 miles we reached the junction with NFR 133 and turned right to head north on it. Finally, at 4.3 miles, an inconspicuous wilderness boundary sign appeared at a turnoff that is now bermed. Park here. You are now just a few dozen yards from the highest point in Yell County.