Apache County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 24, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

I completed the state on Saturday, June 24th. It was a walk-up, albeit 8 miles of it (and 8 miles back!). Took the West Baldy Trail and was on the trail at 4:45 am, just as the eastern horizon began showing hints of sunlight. Made the northern summit (the one with the 11,400 contour but no spot elevation) at 8 a.m. sharp. Weather was very nice: breezy, some clouds and temps in the 50s. Water-bottle-level sighted over to Baldy Peak but the only conclusion I came up with was that if Baldy Peak is higher than the north summit, then it's probably within about 5 feet difference. Walked over to Baldy Peak, tagged the cairn at 8:30 am, and retreated. The north summit did appear to be higher from Baldy Peak, which leads me to think the two summits are statistically a dead-heat for height. Saw no one going up, about two dozen people while coming down. Trail along ridge between summits shows fresh horse-shoe prints. Sign at saddle between two summits says nothing about no trespassing. Back at truck at 11 am sharp: 16 miles, 6.25 hours, 2200 feet of gain.