Apache County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Baldy (11,400+ ft) and Baldy Peak (11,403 ft)

Date: December 31, 2005
Author: W. Mallory

This was the highest I'd get during this trip but I encountered very little snow. There were just some patches but not deep enough to need even gaiters. I used the West Fork Trail. The map indicates that the 11,400+ foot northern area is actually just inside the reservation but there are no signs. It seems many people climb at least the northern area and a few people I passed on my way down were on their way up. I agree with Bob Martin's logic, from his Arizona Mountains book, that terrain obviously within the long 11,400-foot northern contour is obviously more than 3 feet lower than the highest point. If the map can be trusted (and they can't sometimes - La Plata quad in CO is the perfect example), then one could conclude that this is the highest point. I visited both anyway, as well as Mount Thomas.