Cochise County High Point Trip Report

Chiricahua Peak

Date: September, 6, 1993
Author: Andy Martin

I hiked up this one from Turkey Creek many years ago. Since I'm not positive about getting to the exact top on that trip, I'll also mention the 1993 trip.

In '93 we parked at Rustler Park, and hiked south to the Peak. Pretty country, mostly trees with some glades. Made good time to the summit, which had a BM in a 1 cubic foot loose rock and a weathered sign. We saw a bear near Rustler Park; they are known to be pretty pesky in that area. Since that trip there was a large fire in the area. Some portions of the trail will pass through the burn area.

March 27, 1999 update:

The gate at Rustler Park was open, so we tried driving further with the car. Not a wise choice, the rocks were just too tough to handle, and we had to leave the vehicle by roadside a short distance past the gate. Hiked 2 miles to the turnaround at Long Park. A truck could make this drive (as long as the gate stays unlocked). Past here we started to see evidence of the big fire here a few years ago, and Frys Park had a good bit of damage. Trees lay across the trail in many places, but are usually easily bypassed. We tossed the smaller ones off the trail on our return.

The day was cool and breezy, and snow patches were seen in spots. The last 1/4 mile of trail to the top had some bad deadfall over it, so we made a beeline for the summit. The block with the BM in it was there, but there was no register, sign, or much of a view at very top.