Cochise County Highpoint Trip Report

Chiricahua Peak (9,759 ft)

Date: May 23, 2005
Author: Bob Bolton

The first adventure getting to the Chiricahuas was trying to follow the directions created by Streets & Trips from I-10 near the NM border to Rustler Park. By keeping the GPS targeted on Chiricahua Peak, we made nary a navigational error in the dark. For quite some time it seemed likely that we would get hopelessly lost.

We slept fitfully with the nearby intermittent singing of a Whip-poor-will all night long. The hike was uneventful after we decided not to push the 2-ply sidewall tires up the road to Long Park and instead returned to hike from Rustler's TH.

I had hoped to encounter at least a Red-faced Warbler, but it was not to be.