Cochise County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 2, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Parked at Rustler Park on the 1st and headed up the road to Longs Park which was fairly easy to follow. Avoided the climb over Flys Peak which may or may not be a good idea but it was starting to turn darkish. Ended up camping about 100 feet from the top of Chiricahua which was probably a mistake since there were better campsites at Anita Park. It rained several times that night and the temperature got below 50 (the reading when I finally got back to the car).

At first light, I was out and away (tarps don't take long to pack). Bagged the peak and headed down. Very cool temps, so I definitely kept moving.

Scored a very good espresso in Willcox on the way out. This is an area I will have to revisit at a later date.